Sunday, June 20, 2010

More? Oh, yes.

Photo above from: Turtle Soup Blog

I promised to share a list of sites that weren't included on my 10 Mind-Blowing Sites list. Below is my first installment. These particular blogs belong to three of my crazy-talented college classmates.

Listing fun new finds (3 at a time) will probably become a regular feature on my blog, so watch for my new discoveries.

In no particular order...(drumroll)

Chimes Blog
Graphic designer and craftster Calee Himes shares her innovative crafts, recipes and hilarious life adventures as well as her daily mugshot.

Turtle Soup Blog
Stephanie's profile describes her as a "Designer. Crafter. Paper lover. Expert in the domestic arts." Her blog tracks the culinary fun, sewing, party planning and designing that is a part of her daily life.

Design O' Blog
Niki Brown provides easy-to-follow print and web design tutorials and adds a (large) pinch of inspiration and humor on her site.

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  1. Hey - Thanks for linking to our sites! I wonder how many other GD07 peeps are blogging in internetland :)

    Keep up the blogging and hope you are doing well!