Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day Four: Daily Drop Cap





Daily Drop Cap (by Jessica Hische)

Where to go:

Why I think it's mind-blowing:
I'm beginning to think that designer Jessica Hische is the Martha Stewart of the design world. She creates a new initial cap every working day, and lucky for us, she posts these handcrafted masterpieces for bloggers across the world to use. Somewhere in her day she also finds time to blog, tweet, freelance, teach, run an online store and answer questions from her growing number of fans.

Jessica has a recognizable style, and her illustration and typography skills have gained her a great deal of attention in the design community. If you are craving inspiration on "one of those days," check out her portfolio, which she updates often to showcase her newest work.

Please note:
Jessica's drop caps have specific limitations, but printed copies can be purchased from her online store.

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