Monday, June 14, 2010

Day Eight: The Design Slice Blog

Website: The Design Slice Blog

Where to go: CLICK HERE

Why I think it's mind-blowing:
The Design Slice is a blog written by Jessi Scurte, a fellow graphic designer, Iowa State grad, interior design aficionado, gardener and creative observer. Jessi has fantastic tips for thrifty shoppers, provides helpful household suggestions and showcases current trends in fashion and design. Jessi and I have been friends for years now, and she has posted about our Twin Cities exploration and our recent trip to the Minneapolis Farmers Market on her site. Her blogging style is fun and laid-back yet inspirational and perceptive. I suggest you check this site out, but be warned that you might decide to forgo dinner to read her previous posts. I wouldn't want you to go hungry, after all. :)