Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today, with the help of Pantone and Michele Bernhardt, I found out what my birth color is. Below is my birth color and my personality traits as determined by the month and date I was born. Check yours out at Colorstrology.

My color: green-blue slate
Traits: complex, quickwitted and expressive

Perceptive and intellectually gifted, you can read people quite easily. You often know just what to say or do in order to give people what they want. You are expressive and funny and people like it when you entertain them. It is important for you to discover your own wants and needs. Being outdoors is one of the ways that you can relax and remember who you really are. Your personal color gives you the strength to move through the complexities of life. Wearing, mediating or surrounding yourself with the color green-blue slate reminds you to take care of yourself as you interact with others.

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