Saturday, July 10, 2010

Urban Experience Community Art Project

The other day, the Uptown Association (Uptown is a neighborhood in Minneapolis for those who aren't aware) posted a description for the Urban Experience Community Art Project. The deadline is quickly approaching on July 16th, but it's a great way to unleash your creative skills on the world, or at least on Minnesota.

Below is the description from the Uptown Association's Facebook page.

"Each individual has their own interpretation of what an 'urban experience' is and it is this assortment of ideas that brings character and vitality to the Uptown community. With the theme of this year's art fair being 'Urban Experiences,' we would like to invite you to participate in a community wide art project that will bring people and art together to display this diversity. The postcards collected from this project will be displayed during the Uptown Art Fair kickoff party, the Uptown Art Fair, and at Calhoun Square. Your vision of what an 'urban experience' is will be seen by all that come to experience Uptown. A winner will be selected in each of nine age divisions to receive a 2010 commemorative print. Directions: Take the back of this postcard and create your representation of what an 'urban experience' looks like. Fill out your contact information below and then stamp and mail the postcard when finished. Please postmark by July 16."

A separate post encourages you to "Contact if you would like a postcard to decorate!"