Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If you love music

If you love music and you haven't discovered Apple's yet, check it out. In essence it is a musical social networking site, but I thought that wikipedia (the most reliable source EVER, wink, wink) described it nicely.

The service allows trade-enabled members to legally create online shareable "playlists" (formerly known as "radio stations") of their own uploaded music which can play full length songs for other registered Lala members, purchase mp3s, stream music on a one-time basis or as inexpensively purchased "web songs," buy new CDs from the Lala store mail for $1 per trade plus 75¢ postage, leave blurbs on other members' pages, and participate in the community forums. New members can upload their own music, create playlists, purchase MP3s and web songs, buy new CDs at the Lala store, leave blurbs, and can change their personal account settings to activate trading privileges and also be able to trade CDs and use the community forums.

If you would like to be my music friend, I go by the name Heidi M. and my e-mail address is! It doesn't take long to register, and you have the ability to listen to an entire album before purchasing anything. Since I just joined, I haven't bought anything yet, but you can look at what I've been sampling at the very least. 

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  1. Did Apple officially take over, yet? I knew they had purchased it but I thought it was still pending. I would have expected some sort of better iTunes integration or something with purchased songs, if that was the case.

    Either way, Lala is awesome. It's saving me lots of money by discovering that that album I thought I wanted, wasn't really that good. Whew!